Dennis Baklanov: Autobiography

(written in Gymnasium)

Copenhagen, Denmark, March 2002

I was born in Russia, in the city of Novosibirsk, which is the capital of the Russian Siberia and is one of the largest cultural and industrial centres in Russia. Both of my parents were involved in research in the Novosibirsk University at the time. At the age of two, my family moved to Apatity, a rather small academic city near Murmansk, in the North-Western Russia, because my father headed a scientific laboratory at the Kola Scientific Centre. I was first introduced to a foreign culture in 1993, when at the age of nine, my family moved to Umeå, Sweden, due to a new employment of my parents.

Sweden has become a new experience for me, because the Scandinavian culture is very different from the way of living that I was used to, while living in Russia. My education in Sweden began with learning Swedish. After a year I could follow the normal Swedish school program and became fluent in Swedish language. I was not willing to lose my Russian education; therefore, I flew to the Russian embassy school in Stockholm several times a year and took all my exams over two or three days. This was a very important decision for me and it has proven to be very valuable, because I learned to work intensively, independently and gained self-discipline, and last but not least self-confidence.

My stay in Sweden was temporally interrupted in 1995, when my parent had to go to Vienna for nine months to work for an International Institute. Although our stay was only temporary, still I chose to attend the local Austrian school, alongside with the Russian embassy school (a couple of times a week).

Eventually my father was offered a permanent position at the Danish Meteorological Institute and we moved to Denmark in 1998.
I was introduced to a true international atmosphere along with the concepts of international business at the international department of Rygaards skole, Hellerup, Denmark. The school offered an international program of different subjects at O-levels and GCSE’s. The first time in my life, I had a possibility to choose a subject of Business Studies and Economics. This was a new experience to me, which very fast became my favourite subject in school. I was also very lucky, because our group was very small – the class was only 3 students – and the teacher devoted much more attention towards our individual needs and interests. This allowed us a deeper understanding of the subject and motivated us to learn more. After two years at Rygaards skole, I graduated, with a Grade B in “Business Studies and Economics” subject.

My grades in Rygaards skole let me to be accepted to all the international gymnasiums that I applied to in Denmark. Nørre Gymnasium in Brønshøj, caught my attention, because it was very close to my home and due to the fact that it offered Economics at Higher Level as a part of International Baccalaureate program. After the experience I had with Business and Economics in Rygaards, the fact that the school offered Economics was essential for my judgment.

During the International Baccalaureate program, I wanted to elevate my knowledge of Economics to a new level, where together with the theory that I gained in school, I would also have some practical knowledge and work experience. At the age of seventeen, I became part-time employed in HMP International, which is a Daughter Company of “EMCE Holding A/S”. HMP International markets and sells different kinds of cutting tools in over 14 European countries. I was hired to expand the HMP distribution net over the Russian market as well as some other Eastern European countries.

My task in HMP is to do market research, look for possible buyers/distributors in Russia, Poland. Marketing our product by writing letters and brochures in several languages are other examples of my assignments. Learning business terminology is very important part of my employment, because I have to make phone calls to introduce a new product or try to convince a new company into a partnership. The job at HMP International gives me new skills, which will be useful in International business education, the practical knowledge and real working experience within international markets and business in different countries. The employment teaches me to be independent in working and decision taking.

I prioritize International Business at CBS also because of the Mathematics offered as a part of your program. I have been studying Mathematics at the highest level available throughout my education. I completed Advanced Ordinary level of Mathematics at Rygaards and I am currently completing Mathematics at Higher Level as a part of International Baccalaureate programme. Besides, mathematics is family profession/interest in several generations.

I am currently finishing of my International Baccalaureate program and preparing for the exams in May. Success in the examinations is of highest importance for me right now. Apart from the studying, I am still working at HMP International and I am determined to do so for a considerable amount of time.