Diana's First Month

Dear friends!

Our Diana has become 1.5 month!!! A big girl!

And she has come a long way – from a newborn baby who can nothing but inborn reflexes to a big girl who likes to smile, play with her toys, follow an object of interest with her eyes, and say “Aga”.

I like to hear a conversation of her and Alexander. He tells something to her and then asks: “Aga? (=yes)” and she answers: “Aga!” Very funny!

She has overcome the period of baby colic and now is much easier to deal with. She has not got a real bed yet – she got something little (suitable for her size) of Alexander’s design that is not fast fixed and moves in tact with her movements – easy to fall asleep. She even sleeps there sometimes, but of course prefers to sleep between us in our bed. But we can not complain: she (like her brothers) sleeps at night 8-10 hours without exceptions.

When we hold her in our arms we get quickly tired – she is over 5 kg. At least I have pain in my back by the evening. She also has changed clothes size to 3 months and she looks very cute in it.

Likewise she has filled our lives, her things have filled our home – it is unbelievable how much things a 1.5 m.o. child has – her clothes takes several shelves, her toys are overall in the house. And it is only beginning!

Besides, she starts to put attention to my earrings and necklace – so I have to reassure her that she will get both with a time being. She smiles in answer. In general her look seems to be so meaningful, that I feel she understands more than we think. She has very round cheeks and we can not resist a temptation to kiss on both cheeks. When we do so, she screws up her eyes and her look says: I am so bored with my parents!

Most of all she likes to bath and cries badly when we finish. We plan to start to go to baby-swim when she will be 7 weeks.

She likes to play with her brother. He enjoys a lot from their communication. He says he will take her to his first meetings with girls and will introduce her as his own daughter to scare wrong girls away.

Our cat Fenya got her 4 babies on the Easter. And I have to admit they are growing much faster than our Diana. They can not hunt yet – the rest they already can by now. Diana watches them play with a great interest.

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