Diana's Tenth Month  


Hurra! We have passed the "10 months" mark.

This is just unbelievable: for 10 months ago she was not around, and now she can a great lot!

She crawls and walks (with a support); climes sofa, beds and stairs; opens all the furniture doors and takes out everything she finds interesting.

She commands over her grandmother and over our cat, imitates/monkeys us (how daddy sneezes or snores, mummy coughs, someone stammers) and much more.

She knows ducks, swans, goose and knows how they “speak”.

She crumbles her bred to feed them during her daily motion to the nearest park.

She knows lots of other animals and how they speak – from her books and her toys.


She is still very computer interested, as a result she broke 4 PC mice. She goes with cables and tries where to connect them (her grandma shed a few tears when witnessing this).


Besides, nowadays she takes more attention to her toy park and knows who lives there - and there is a plenty of funny creatures like pink elephants, green cows, or some mutants with bear's face and hare's ears.

But she can not always realise that, e.g., different bears (they form the biggest colony) - despite different colours and size or small peculiarities (like hare's ears) – all are  bears. Not so trivial as it seems from the first look!


She likes to play with toy where she pushes different buttons to play music or to start some mechanism. She has also learnt to build her toy-pyramids.

And her learning ability is tremendous, she learns new things every single day.


She is very helpful - her favourite is to empty the disk-washer for the dishes. She is so eager to take everything out that she climes up on the door.

She is also very kind little girl: if someone asks her to give whatever she holds in her hands - she of course will give it (but will not loosen the grip).


When she sees us dressed up to go to work, she says with a smile: “Poka-poka”(=bye-bye) and waves her hand, but if she sees her grandma leaving without her, she starts to cry because her grandmother visits only very “exciting” places and, thus, she is not allowed to go without Diana.


She shows that she is a big girl by stretching her arms up. She recognises Dennis on the photos, she says “Di”.    


In Junuary she got sick one day - she had a high fever that turned to be a new tooth - now she has 7 and she can chews. She likes to taste new things and many of them she likes e.g. salted cucumber, soups, meat etc. At the same time she got bored of her usual porridge and denies to eat it more.


Recently we all together attended a ball in Nikita's Gymnasium. Diana looked very cute in the white dress (present from her god-father), but was very scared of a very loud dancing music and a tense crowd of strangers. Anyhow it turned to be a bad idea because we took place in a wrong corner and could hardly see Nikita dancing.


Some time ago Diana made an important discovery:  it was found out (with amusement) that grandma also  possesses tits – a very comforting discovery given that they are alone at home all the days.