Dianka – 13 Months


Now our little girl is “Homo erectus”. She walks without a support and is very proud of her new abilities. She walks not like other adults - she puts her tiny feet in 1st position like a little ballerina and balances with her arms at the same time.

First she had some favourite books and demanded to read them again and again many times a day. But then she got bored of them and now cries for reading and cries that those books she doesn't like. So, we have to find new books for her.

She shows a very big interest in other small kids and likes to socialise with them.

Of her toys she starts to play with LEGO duplo and with bricks: she builds some strange constructions. She also likes to play with her clothes or with content of my sewing box - trying to put all possible pieces of textile on her head or around her shoulders.
Now Alexander's mum takes care of her and they are very good friends from the first meeting. They go long journeys every day when weather allows.

We take her to the nearest park to see how little ducks and goose grow from day to day. Soon they will be difficult to distinguish from their parents.

She also likes to claim the stairs to Nikita's floor and gets very disappointed that we keep the door closed. She can do very stupid things like to cast small toys into the toilet. This door should be closed as well.

She increases her vocabulary every day. She is smiling and is a happy little girl most of the time and everyone likes her for this. Like other parents, we think that she is the sweetest creature in the world.


Dianka – 14 Months


Our little darling Diana is a big girl.

She has got a new tooth - nr 9. And she is very heavy to lift and hold.

But fortunately, she likes to run on her small chubby legs and she is full of energy all day long.

Her walk is very funny - I suspect that Charlie Chaplin copied his famous waddle from babies. She keeps her forearms close to the body, whereas underarm are stretched aside, and she puts her legs not straight ahead but more aside which all makes her waddle. Now it is flattered out, but at the beginning when she only started to walk it was very prominent. 

She helps, helps and helps us like her oldest brother in his time. But he used to help with the tools like hummer, axe, etc, she instead goes everywhere garden tool: scoop, watering-can, rake.

Nowadays she doesn't wait until her mum or grandma will give her strawberry - she takes herself, and often they are red only from one side. But who cares - when someone is so busy…

She is very thrifty little girl, every day she makes order in her little house - she goes in and out with her little furniture and makes order in her little kitchen.

She says many different words, some of them fully and very clear, some - only 1-2 syllables. But we understand. She can sometimes put 2-3 words together in one sentence.
We still read lots of books and normally she wakes up with 'To read!'.
She for a while blows us kisses as a goodnight kiss. But to her grandmother she sends a real kiss: she rolls her lips and makes a smacking sound. Very-very funny, and her grandma melts like snow.
Nikita also taught her to give him a kiss, he points with a finger on his cheek, she comes and gives him a kiss (on the photo it is exactly this moment) and both enjoy. She calls him Niki.
This month Diana went on her first vacation to Helsinki. She seemed to like her trip, but everywhere (onboard, in tram, in park, on street) she demanded : “Mummy, tits!” – and got.