Diana – 15 Months

Dianka is now 15 months and although she still gets her breast milk, she now argues with her grandmum:
gm: "Titya - kaka!" (=Tits are nasty)
D., finishing her meal: "Titya - nyaka!" (Tits are delicious!).
So, nowadays she has her own opinion about almost everything.
She likes to play "hide and find", she hides herself between 2 shelves on the veranda and is staying where for a while, and then when grandmother “gives up” to find her, she jumps out with a squeal.

She is very social and likes to play with other kids - she simply monkeys them and does exactly like them, e.g. if she plays with a boy, she will happily drive a little car etc.

She likes to try my dresses and shoes. She enjoys the process a lot. She even tries the doll's clothes.
She asks to give her my crème, she also possesses one of her own and knows where to use it.

She uses her own 'mata' (sponge) and she brushes her teeth. Besides, she makes order in all the kitchen shelves, where she can reach. A little house-keeper.

She demands to go 'vniz' (downstairs) with her grandmother - for a day sleep plus to swing in a chair.

Her daddy is so trusted person, that she shares the most valuable thing - her dummy - with him; she puts her dummy into his mouth and laughs.

She has now figured out what 'yes' and 'no'("net'") means and can answer a simple question.
Besides, she answers questions:
How old are you? - One (y.o.)
How old is your daddy? - One.
What is the time? -Seven (she heard me once answer this question and decided that it is always seven).
What is your daddy name? -Syasya!
What is your brother name? - Nikki!
She can not pronounce my name and grandmothers names.
Once her grandmother entered our room in the morning and asked: “Rada” (Are you glad?), she answered: “Rada” (glad).
When she sees a cat (our cat or one in a book) she says 'B(r)ys!' - copies her grandmother who doesn't like our cat.

She can sit calmly for an hour if we read for her, she has many books.
She plays with her toy - examining all the bottoms and possibilities.
She likes to go with tiny books and to write there, so we gave her all our old calendars to play with.

She is still after daddy's PC, he has to always mind not to leave it unattended.

Also we have given her a first big baby-doll with all staff (bottle, dummy) and matching toy-babypram.
While Alexander was gathering the pram, Diana was happily playing with the doll: she imitated mummy: gave the baby a bottle, etc.) But as soon the pram was ready and we put the doll into it, Diana's mood changed. She took the babydoll for a leg and threw it out of the pram on the floor. We made several attempts to place the doll into the pram - no chance - she said "Di" and tried to get into the pram herself. She likes to sit there and could sit there for a long time (which is not the case if you put her into her own pram).

We have started to show her the simplest cartoons. But it is difficult for her to follow.
She has made her first rhyme which she sings with an amusement: “abaka-akaka” (oblaka/avokado=clouds/avokado).