Diana – 16 Months

This month is the last month when Diana is at home with her grandmother. Next month she is starting at the institution (her babyhood is over!).
She has 13 teeth and can eat almost everything.
The qualitative change from the previous month is not big, but she
accumulates her vocabulary and understands a lot. But she says in imperative, the way we speak to her, e.g. “Dam” instead of “daj”.
She gives an impression that she follows the simplest stories from her books, she even comments somehow - showing her sympathy or vice versa.

She now knows not only her name but her surname as well: Dina Bakava or Dina Baklava. She says my name as 'Lya'.
Pointing on my bra she says: “Tits” and tries it on herself.

When she is taking bath and we wash her hair (every child hates this), her grandma says 'Ni pisku ni vizgu' (Not a peep), and she repeats : "A pi!", and Nikita acidly comments afterwards: "Who made a peep then, grandma?"

She likes to take a sponge and to make clear with it, but she makes clear in a funny order: first the floor, then the plates, and then her own cheeks. But she tries her best, puffs over her work.

When she is outside, she likes to water the plants in the greenhouse and makes it very carefully.

She likes sausages and commands: "kaba"(sausages),"h(l)eb" (bred),  "iga"- caviar, "yaga" - berries (also can be sherry-tomato, apples etc),"sup" - soup,"pit'"(to drink), "opyat'" (again) instead of "eshe"(more).

Now she doesn't say only "to read", but also "to write", she takes a pen and writes on any piece of paper or elsewhere. She knows that she should write only on a paper, but she thinks that it is only our wish, not an order.