Diana's Second Month

Dear friends!

Today our little treasure turns 2.5 month – a big girl !!!

We can proudly report our achievements:

1. When I lift her blanket in the morning, she doesn’t look like a gnome anymore – with pursed legs and arms, with hands in fists – she lies like a little girl, but always – one arm up and another down (like “No Pasaran”). And she fills now more than a half of her cradle.

2. She smiles at us – she already recognizes us. But she can smile at strangers as well. She also shows other emotions – she can be delighted, scared, shy, she coquettes (with us, Nikita’s friends and in front of a mirror).

3. We sing in duet with Diana. She sings with me if I sing some melody without words, just “lya-lya-lya”. If I sing with words, she doesn’t sing together – just listens.

4. She likes to take a bath. It lasts about half an hour. If one rotates a picture to 90 degrees, it looks like if she runs very quickly – she jerks with her legs and arms in a very high tempo. At the same time she squalls of amusement and joy.

5. She sleeps after her evening bath from ca 22-00 to 7 or 8-00, eats and sleeps again another 2-3 hours.

Pity, that I was not asked – I’d without hesitation nominate the one who invented Pampers as Man of Century or Millennium, because he made our lives so much easier – I can compare. Now I simply can not understand how my boys could sleep before – they got wet each 10 min.

6. When Diana was 2 months, she reminded us a lot of Dennis. But not any more – her face is very round. Her body has many very sweet folds – and she is in such a good age, that they are considered as big advantage (in contrast to mine).

7. Nikita still adores her and calls her Sun. In his arms she is always quiet. Yesterday, she made him wet (she belches a lot), he said: “I should be mad at you, but you are not so pretty…”

8. She likes to lie on her belly and to look around leaning on her arms. When she gets tired of this, she tries to crawl instead.

This is all for now, but I promise to keep you updated.

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