Diana's Six Month  

Dear friends!

Wau! Our little girl has turned a half-a-year! Hurra!
By this time I am back to work and Alexander is babysitting her until the NY.
She has come to this day with many achievements:
1. She can sit down herself. In her case, however, it is more correct to say, that she can sit up (because before she was only lying).
2. She can stay on all 4 and crawl everywhere in the house (prohibited places are of course the most attractive ones). Of course, it demands reconsideration from our side - we have to take away all the big plant staying on the floor and to put security locks on all the furniture doors, because she shows a lively interest in those.
3. She can eat a porridge and pure and her favourite is ris-porridge. After every meal both -she and Alexander- (when I am around she still eats my milk) need a bath, but who cares when it is such a fun?
When he feeds her with a teaspoon, she likes to take another spoon in her hand. Then she puts her spoon in the mouth and keeps it there. She thinks that the tasty thing is the spoon itself rather than its content and she denies taking her spoon away.
4. She has said her first word. This word was "papa"(=daddy). I feel it is very unfair - only after first 2 weeks with him to give him this present. But Alexander is glad and very proud.
5. Alexander has tougtht her to dance - she rotates with her palms when he sings for her.
6. she feels like an owner of her playing ground - she crawls and turns around and plays with all her numerous toys in turn. She enjoys herself a lot.
7. And maybe last but not least achievement is that she got baptized on 16 Sept. in our old Russian Orthodox church in Copenhagen.

Soon our cat Fenya (who was a bit of person-non-grata after Diana's birth) will be very needed and appreciated, because Diana is really glad for it.
So, I suppose Fenya will be soon her favourite toy and family-member and it will deserve its "daily bred" not only by catching mice.

However, we have also one problem. She is not sleeping at night as good as before. Somehow she has figured out that I am gone every day and she tries to get closer to me during night. So she sleeps in our bed between us and has unlimited access to mummy's milk. But I get up very tired and need lots of coffe to hold on through the working days.

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