Diana's Seven Month  

Our little darling has passed a half-a-year mark and is accelerating towards the magical  1 year. She is now a complete and self-confident human-being with all inherent features.

For the passed month she has achieved many new and important results:
she can sit for a long while not like a 'tussock' as a month before, but with the straight back, she can stand up and stay and step (and even dance) on her straight legs, and she can crawl around. This is the funniest part, because when she crawl, she lifts her arms very high, which make her look like a little crocodile. A little and very sweet crocodile, indeed.

She explores the world much more efficiently now - she crawls everywhere in the house (we put, however, wicket-gate prohibiting her to reach the 2nd floor and the basement). Nowadays she examines and takes all-around view of her books more than she sucks them. She still likes to play with her toy, of course, and she now uses her hands to examine and feel all the parts, buttons, details, clothes etc. But sometimes she can be afraid of some new toy. In this case she turns back and tries not to look at the object.

But her main passions so far are the flowers/plants (especially big plants staying on the floor - they all have been moved to the 2nd floor after several incidents) and papers. She reaches for either daddy's working papers or weekly colourful adds and tears them to small pieces. She can calmly and laboriously work on this for all her sleeping-free time. This is why we call her 'daddy's secretary'. Otherwise, she occupies herself with computer cables and sockets - so we have undertaken some security actions.

She starts to open all the doors and shelves and take their content out. In other words, she works hard to transform us to very organised people.

Alexander’s mum came on 9 Oct to help him to take care of little Diana. They fell in love with each other from the first day and Diana sits always in her arms.

Diana also knows that we all are around not by chance but with a reason - namely to serve and entertain her. And she is good at keeping us busy - day in and day out. Especially she has very strong ideas about what me and her grandmother have to do. If the grandmother passes by (while I am holding her, for example), she starts to cry desperately - everyone must be around, catching every her glance and pleasing her in all possible way?

She makes many different sounds but we are not very clever to understand them all, although in many cases she is very clear about what she wants. Her 3d tooth is almost arrived and because of this she doesn’t sleep well at night.

She still likes cats very much. Recently we visited friends, who have a big white cat. The cat came and placed himself on the floor next to her, moving the tail, flirting with her. She immediately caught his tail. The cat got off with a jerk and pulled her by the floor. She even didn't cry after that - she was so excited!