Денис – воспоминания на третью годовщину. Memoirs for the third year  
Dearest son!

Three long and dramatic years have passed since you have gone. For this time we have first passed all the circles of the hell and then have learnt to live with this pain.
Then your baby sister came and blew life into us and enlightened and warmed our home and our hearts. We all have started to smile and even laugh again. She reminds of you a lot and like you she calls herself 'Di'.

Recently Nikita said that can not imagine his life without her. And it is a
damn good sign! I believe you'd love her as well. I remember that although you declared that kids (in particular babies) are awful creatures because they mess everywhere, all kids liked you very much and they could not be wrong, because kids have a very good sense for good people...

I love you so much, my dearest boy. There is no day when I don't think about you or don't pray for you. I miss you so much!
Like in the film "English patient", I also had my favourite a place on your body, namely - a small vein on your forehead. It was so full of life, exactly like you. Sometimes it hided itself and was almost invisible, but most of the time it was pulsing or just swollen. I used to watch it while sitting against you at the dinning table.
It is seen on many of your photos. Now it stopped beating forever...
I miss it so much as well.

Your basement stays deadly silent. Both grandmothers stay there in the big room in turn when they are visiting. Your room is not in use, left untouched.

Approaching this 3-year time we have decided to modify your memory site to our family site. Not because we want to leave you behind, on the contrary. For us it means to keep a link with you, to continue having you in our family. And it also shows that life is going on. Your dad made a good work and added a few slide-shows from your babyhood (more will be added soon). Some videos are ready in digital form as well and will be put them on the site soon.