Possible Monuments for Dennis' grave

Dear friends !
We plan to build a permanent monument on Dennis' grave and look for the most relevant and suitable design. We are kindly asking all of you, who knew and loved Dennis, to suggest your ideas of the monument design. Our wish is to build a very personal monument, suitable for character of Dennis, his live and personality.
Below you can find photoes of several interesting monuments, which are available from workshops in Denmark. However, if we'll find a good idea and design of the personal monument, we would prefer to order the monument according to a personal design for Dennis' grave.
We wait for your reply with ideas and suggestions very much !
Please, send it by e-mail to: alb@dmi.dk or use the Guest Book on this web-site.
Dennis' family.

Variant 1

Variant 2


Variant 3


Variant 4


Varaiant 5


Variant 6


Variant 7

Dennis grave 18.9.2004
Dennis grave 13.8.2004
Dennis grave 7.11.2004
Dennis' grave as it is now