Dennis Baklanov
Dennis Baklanov. In Memoriam.
Денис Бакланов. Памяти сына.
(19.11.1983 – 7.08.2004)
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One-year without Dennis. Годовщина смерти Дениса 

Dennis: Letters for 1 & 2 years, Birthday. Письма на 1ю и Годовщинy, День рождения 

Dennis' personal web-site, made for one of his university projects, 2003
Article about Dennis, written by the parents. Воспоминания родителей на
Poem dedicated to Dennis. Памяти Дениса Бакланова. Стихи. Наталия Литвинова
Dennis' web-site and Forum, prepared by his friends

Dennis' web-site on

Dennis' Photoalbums - Slideshows - Video 
Dennis: Condolences. Cоболезнования 
Dennis: Memoirs of Friends & Relatives. Bоспоминания друзей и близких
Suggested epitaphs to Dennis' monument  

Dennis Baklanov - Autobiography, 2002
Воспоминания родителей - Parents Memoirs
Денисины детские высказывания
Воспоминания бабушки - Grandy's Notes
Dennis' Slide Show  /  Photos of Dennis
Песня памяти Дениса. Автор Диор Думаев / Song dedicated to Dennis
In Memoriam. CBS newspaper
Журнал «Новый берег», n5, 2004
Dennis' CV, 2002
Announcement & News - Новости UpDated!
Dennis' Monument: how to find the place

Guest book - Гостевая книга

It is dreadful to die at 20 years old. It is so unfair to die young, healthy and without being able to realise one’s full potential. On August 7th, 2004, our son Dennis drowned in the sea.
Dennis was a nice and clever boy, a good friend, an adored son and brother. He went through his life without fear, tried always to be the first, to be the strongest, to be the real man.  He had a very, very short, but bright and worthy life.
He was on the last year towards becoming Bachelor of Science in International Business at the Copenhagen Business School, where he was one of the youngest students. He was very happy to study his favourite subject – international business – at Denmark’s best University. A great future seemed to be ahead ...

  With our love to Dennis - С нашей любовью к Денису